Free Express Engine Hosting


    • Free Express Engine Installation and updates
    • Free Express Engine Developer Support
    • 24/7 365 days server monitoring
    • Ultra-fast bandwidth
    • No hassle SSL installation & configuration service
    • Standard Technical Support

Product Description

Managed Dedicated Express Engine Hosting

Dedicated Expression Engine hosting is an optimized Expression Engine platform (EEP) which offers the ideal choice for high-traffic sites requiring impeccable performance and reliability. Expression Engine empowers users to add discussion forums, Wiki technology etc which provides excellent product support through the knowledge base and community driven mechanism. Each EEP functions as a self-contained, fine-tuned Expression Engine hosting environment. We use our Expression Engine expertise and dedicated support staff to provide unbeatable hosting for resource-intensive Expression Engine websites.


Our dedicated Expression Engine hosting plans are associated with following features which fulfills all your hosting needs with wealth of experience.

Free Express Engine Developer Support

We have a talented and dedicated team of technical experts which offers free Express Engine developer support from custom design builds, plugins, themes or anything you will ask to do. Our services can also connect to your systems remotely to provide a real time support.

Free Express Engine Installation and updates

We provide complete assistance to perform all Express Engine installation including any theme customization and modules without any configuration fee involved. As an added value to our clients, we also provide free updates time to time to keep your site running smoothly with latest features.

Ultra-fast bandwidth

Our servers has been customized and optimized with ultra-high bandwidth which is specifically built for high-speed performance needs of today’s videos and graphical websites for fast, secure and relaible hosting and keep your site running quickly and smoothly. Our transfer speed truly blows every competition out of the water.

24/7 365 days server monitoring

Our server in-house team with highly skilled professionals monitor all your nodes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week using in-house build custom monitoring software. We also help the user to maintain a backup of sensitive data regularly and automatically.

Standard Technical Support

For all your problems, that you are facing in the project, our expert technical team suggests all solution right from restart services, monitoring server logos to any issue related to unnecessary downtime and services.

No hassle SSL installation & configuration service

We ensure that all SSL layer are properly installed and configured to enable multiple layers of protection and unprecedented level of managed security and service. Our hosting servers use latest military-grade encryption systems which makes them basically impenetrable.

Additional Information


Rs.40001 – Rs.50000

Page Views


Band Width

450 GB


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