Free coldfusion Hosting


    • Optimized for ColdFusion
    • Many Database Options
    • Powerful Management Tools
    • Free coldfusion Security and Backup
    • Expert ColdFusion server management
    • 24×7 Direct Support

Product Description

Managed coldfusion Hosting

ColdFusion is a complete web application server ideal for developing and delivering dynamic sites and upgraded ecommerce applications for business websites. We have years of experience in programming coldFusion applications and providing services to many well-known reginonal brands to small individual companies. Our managed ColdFusion Hosting solutions are preconfigured and optimized with more than enough resources for high performance as per the requirement. Hence, we can offer potentially greater rewards by supporting more dynamic and heavy e-commerce with less expensive hosting packages.

Optimized for ColdFusion

Our cold fusion VPS is fully scalable with the ability to add Ram, CPU or space to grow the server as per the business needs. We have also included all Script completions, coldfusion tags and custom snippets to make our packages completely optimized for coldfusion hostings services.

Many Database Options

The hosting plans have covered various database server options from MS SQL to MYSQL. The Coldfusion VPS also provides an access to all VPS customers to check add-ons list and their pricing for MS SQL servers.

Powerful Management Tools

All servers come with standard RAID storage arrays featured with Xeon processors to mirror the data accross two physical drives which reduces redundancy and hence improves performance.

Free coldfusion Security and Backup

Continuous data protection backups are performed every night by our inhouse backup team for shared, reseller and starter VPS hosting. We also protect your coldhosting server from malware and virus attacks with Cloud Anti-virus solution. Our coldfusion server experts can also help with security hardening based for your application needs.

Expert ColdFusion server management

With a coldfusion plans, whether dedicated or shared, we handle all the server packages for you with effective server management, backend solution and amazing control panels so that you can focus on your business.

24×7 Direct Support

Our dedicated support team of highly skilled professionals provide 24*7*365 administration and technical support to all our clients. All VPS customers are provided with direct access to our team which can solve theor queries or any issue just right there.

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Rs.40001 – Rs.50000

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