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    • Hassle Free Operating System
    • Full Root Access
    • Advanced Control Panel
    • Effective Server Optimization
    • Regular Weekly Remote Backups
    • 24X7 Dedicated Support
    • Bulletproof Security

Product Description

Fully Managed Ezpublish Hosting

eZpublish has become a pioneer in content management system and development framework, with its flexibility ideal characteristics that make it perfect for web application development.
With a strong set of tools and incredible functionality that eZ Publish offers, web development has never been easier. With our dedicated, VPS eZ Publish hosting and development services, we deliver exactly what you need.

The eZ Publish open source CMS, with the right hosting service can help you make the best out of it. We can help you integrate eZ Publish to develop professional and highly customized web development solutions. From a personalized homepage to a multiple users high profile E-commerce website, we can help you integrate eZ publish into your existing structure flawlessly.

Free eZ Publish Installation and Updates – eZ Publish Hosting

We not only help you integrate eZ Publish into your website, but keep you updated with the latest version as well. Whether it is the feature rich plugins, ready templates or themes that you need for your website, we can provide you with all of it.

Free eZ Publish Developer Support – eZ Publish CMS

Our versatile solutions combined with the independent platform of eZ Publish makes it efficient for web development options like PHP and MySQL. The abundant plugins, custom designs and the option to build themes makes eZ Publish the developer’s perfect companion.

eZ Publish Hosting – Best eZ Publish Optimized Servers

Our web hosting servers have been developed and highly optimized for eZ Publish to give you nothing but the best out of our services. With complete reliability and no downtime on the servers, your website is safe with us no matter what.

Plans for everyone – eZ Publish Hosting

The high customization features and uses of eZ Publish is what makes it so popular, and we try to incorporate all those values in our services. Our hosting plans have been tailored for large and small businesses separately, so that you have no trouble selecting the right one.

eZ Publish CMS – Free Managed eZ Publish Security

We never take security risks when it comes to your valuable website and conduct weekly scan to make sure the servers are well protected. With security against vulnerabilities like XSS and SQL injection, our flow blocks will keep your data safe.

Award Winning 24X7 Support – eZ Publish Hosting

Our dedicated free commercial support is what makes us the best in the business. Whether you have update issues or suffer from slow loading speeds, our hosting services will never let you down in your time of need.


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