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Free Magento Hosting


    • Free Magento Installation and Updates
    • Fully Optimized Magento Services
    • Trusted eCommerce and Growing Volume
    • Advanced Technology
    • Security and Backup Management
    • Expert Magento Support

Product Description

Managed Magento Hosting

Welcome to our Ilovefreehosting network. We are one of the world’s largest web hosting companies with more number of hosted domains and have a number of trained technicians to provide you instant round the clock support. We involve in providing best free magento web hosting with control panel access, free backup, firewall protection, E-commerce environment, 100% uptime and unlimited bandwidth.

Performance Focused Install setup

This fully-featured Magento script is easy to set up on your websites with the help of our automatic installer without any prior knowledge and has a Click and Go Console, which is used to monitor your important applications status.

E-commerce Optimized environment

Our hardware setup ensure that you get higher operational speeds when operating your sites and have used dedicated IPs and fast servers to ensure first class service when using Magento. Our optimized services are fashioned to get the most out of the server at a reasonable cost.


Serving your Magento website via a CDN (Content Delivery Network) greatly improves speed. We provide you with a CloudFlare CDN on/off switch in your cPanel to manage the speed and transfer rate of data.

Firewall Protection and Restore-Rollback

Security is core here at Magento. We ensure your data protection and site safety through our daily and weekly offsite data backup against loss.Our Spam experts and malware detecting applications prevent your site and email by making it anti-spam.

Advanced Technology

We use the most current technology available in the market to ensure fast and smooth services and use MySQL databases to store your large volumes of data without slowing down your site.You can manage your site from wherever you want using our customized control panel.

Magento Award Winning Support

We provide excellent Magento support to customers through our specialists who have every solutions to the hosting issues, PHP and mail issues you may have. Call us on our 24/7 phone line or communicate through live chat and email. We also have video tutorials and help articles to guide you through Magento.


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