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    • Free Mambo Installation and Updates
    • Free SEO Optimization
    • Free Mambo Developer Support
    • Mambo Flexibility
    • Free Security and Backup Management
    • Free 24/7 Expert Support

Product Description

Fully Managed Mambo Hosting

Mambo is Content Management System(CMS) that is used to power small and large websites all over the world.We provide you with a free hosting after you sign up for a paid domain that will identify with your business and you will be guaranteed faster speeds,huge disk space and overflowing traffic.We also provide you with a Domain control panel,Full DNS,WHOIS and EPP and a mechanism to lock and unlock your domain.

Free Mambo Installation and Updates – Mambo CMS

Mambo features an easy to use auto installer that you fill in the required information and then follow the next steps and your installation will be ready within a minute.We offer you simple powerful templates, plugins, modules and extensions that allow your website to work efficiently and which can be downloaded for free and installed from our Mambo administration area.When a new upgrade is released its button will appear on your site from where you can download and install it.

Free SEO Optimization with Mambo Hosting

Search engines like Google,Yahoo,MSN and Bing are the most efficient traffic generators on the web today.To achieve higher traffic you will need to optimize your site for the search engines using URLs, high ranking factors that are friendly to them.At Mambo we provide these URLs, ranking factors for you enabling you to get value for your money due to our ever unchanging traffic patterns

Best Free Mambo Developer Support

We provide our clients with free developer support when they encounter MySQL and PHP issues.Mambo has been written using PHP programing language which removes the ‘site not loading’ troubles and error messages.The MySQL database also runs smoothly on our system hence no need to panic.We offer customer developer support when to our clients when they want to modify the php.ini because of the security restrictions we have put in place and you shouldn’t struggle all by yourself.

Free Security and Backup Management for Mambo Websites and Blogs

Security of your data is core here at Mambo.We provide free daily and weekly back ups to keep your data safe and this is done through a one click restore and also through our experts who are ready to help you.Our data centers are highly secured so their is no alarm over damage though physical means.We secure your website by making them anti-scam and preventing Cross-site Scripting(XSS).

Free 24/7 Support – Mambo Hositng

We provide you with a full Mambo support on installations, optimizations, configurations, custom addons setup and transfer on a twenty four hour seven days a week basis.You can talk to our friendly team team and discuss hosting issues through a live chat or through a phone call to the number on our website.We are ready to help you have a smooth experience at Mambo through our team of dedicated personnel at all times.

Mambo Flexibility – Mambo Extensions

Mambo features a flexible system that allows you to install plugins and extensions like the forum,image gallery and shopping cart that will go a long way in boosting your sales and marketing strategies.These addons and plugins run smoothly and will not slow down your website or cause it to hang.

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Rs.20000 – Rs.30000

Page Views


Band Width

300 GB


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