Fully Managed Mantis Hositng

Free Mantis Hosting


    • Free Mantis Installation and updates
    • Free Mantis Developer Support
    • Mantis Optimized Servers
    • 100% Account Control
    • Free Mantis Security and Backup
    • 24X7 Help And Assistance

Product Description

Fully Managed Mantis Hosting

Mantis hosting is a tool that will allow you to track all information which will be necessary to successfully solve problems. It is an open source issue tracker that felicitates a delicate balance between power and simplicity. Our mantis Hosting is a professional solution to empower management capabilities of multiple complex projects and maximize the productivity with effective collaboration of team-mates and clients. Our Mantis hosting are not only useful for bugs tracking but help to keep records of things which has been already done or need to be done, thus emerges as powerful yet inexpensive management tool.

Free Mantis Installation and updates – Mantis BugTracker

Our Mantis web-hosting can be installed and configured in very short period of time with single click after registration. We are also committed to provide all auto updates to keep the functionality of the hosting up to date.

Mantis Hosting – Free Mantis Developer Support

Our highly skilled developer team reguarly track all the information to require for effective database management. We are 100% dedicated to resolve any technical issues like downtime issue, site load failure, system access troublshooting, database like PHP and MYSQL issues etc within shortest possible time.

Mantis Optimized Servers

Our servers are pre-configured and optimized to offer complete functionality for all servers like MYSQL, suPHP and fully compatible with all operating platforms including windows and Mac. Our Mantis web hosting plans provide wide range of resources with CDN services, broad bandwidth to handle large traffic with exclusively optimized performance.

100% Account Control – Mantis Hosting

We provide complete access to all users with domain name and highly customized c-panels to edit and update the functionality of client area as per the requirement. Our plans are very flexible with direct access to many configurable settings as compare to other hosting services which provides only limited access.

Project Management – Free Mantis Security and Backup

Our excellent data backup team provides backup of all data files and debugging reports of clients on daily and monthly basis to keep the business continuity in adverse conditions. We also conduct daily security scan for any external malware and threat attacks and set up a firewall to cover up the risk of being hacked, thus provides secure URL and and safe environment for all clients.

Mantis Hosting – 24X7 Help And Assistance

Our highly responsive administration and technical team constantly provides professional support to all our client via chat,mail and other connectivity options and assist them to resolve any query related to server downtime, data access etc or fulfill any request with very quick response time.


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