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    • Free Moodle Installation and updates
    • Free Moodle Developer Support
    • Unlimited Resources
    • Programming features
    • Free Moodle Security
    • Award Winning 24X7 Support

Product Description

Fully Managed Moodle Hosting

Get Moodle hosting services to experience the joy of Moodling at economical price

Dedicated Moodle hosting works wonders for the educators, but setting up and managing the Moodle server is a bit daunting task by many educators and the situation become worse, when the hosting provider sets up limits for its usage. Moreover, maintaining this server incurs high cost for the small businesses. So, to curtail these costs, you need to take the assistance of reliable hosting providers. We, as a hosting provider cater world-class hosting solutions and fully managed services at economical prices to our loyal clients. Our technical team will address to all your hosting related issues and try to find the best resolution without interrupting your business operations. We strive to meet all your Moodle hosting requirements and give the seamless experience of Moodling.

Here are the powerful features that are offered by us

Free Moodle Installation and updates

We manage the Moodle server for you and leave you with a peace of mind. As part of managing the server, we install the latest Moodle version, update security patches, upgrade server software, etc. We assure to keep your Moodle installation up to date and upgrade your website on a regular intervals without charging a single penny extra from you and without causing any disruption to your site.

Free Moodle Developer Support

Our dedicated team of adept and experienced developers will provide 24/7 support to the clients. They try to resolve all your debacles within a short time. Our team is expertise in handling all the server performance issues, update older versions of software, and address Moodle software glitches for free. They make modifications and additions to the Moodle as per the business requirements. We use monitoring and alert system to let our developers know about the issues with the server. However, we also perform backup of your study materials, assignments and other records to retrieve the data in case of any data loss or hardware failure.

Unlimited Resources – Moodle Hosting

Our Moodle hosting plans allow you to have unlimited resources and provide more provisions with the growth of your website. We even offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth at lowest prices. This allows scores of people to access to your useful resources and assignments that are uploaded on your website. Moreover, the unlimited web space provided by us enables you to store as many web files as you want besides giving you ample freedom. Moreover, we do not impose any restrictions on the traffic, thus allowing the website to receive the users from across the globe to the sites.

Moodle Programming features

We help the educators to make the courses available in the website with Moodle. Our high performance programming features for Moodle servers include PHP, Apache, Tomcat, Java, python,FFMPEG, ruby on rails, Zend optimizer, etc. You can choose the technologies as per your business requirements. The inbuilt features in these programming technologiesallow the educationist to teach the courses via online. On the other hand, we also install Moodle modules and plug-ins for free.

Free Moodle Security – LMS Hosting

Security plays a crucial role to protect the servers from malware, spam bots, crawlers, and web related attacks. Our team of experienced developers provides bulletproof security to the dedicated Moodle server and ensure to provide secure and value-added hosting services. We configure the security firewall on the each of the Moodle servers and update it on a regular basis. We use monitoring systems to detect the problem and troubleshoot them in the early stage before it leads to disastrous consequences.

Moodle Hosting -Award Winning 24X7 Support

We allows the people to learn at any time and from anywhere across the globe about our Moodle servers. We provide 24/7 technical support for our loyal customers and help them to resolve all their server issues within no time. Our technical support team uses advanced diagnostic tools and address each case very prudently besides determining the cause of the issue, its effects and other problematic areas. They use their experience in finding the best resolution for the received support case. People can either approach us about their issues via live chat or through emails. We are here to give the precise resolutions for their issues instead of just going through the manual and giving superficial answers. We provide excellent services that our clients deserve.


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