Fully Managed Openbibilo Hosting

Free Openbibilo Hosting


    • Free openbibilo Installation and Updates
    • Unlimited Resources and Enhanced cPanel
    • Everything You Need
    • Openbibilo Optimized Servers and server management
    • Managed Security and Backup Services
    • Expert Openbibilo support

Product Description

Fully Managed Openbibilo Hosting

Select the best openbibilo hosting plan to enjoy outstanding benefits at highly competitive prices

Fully managed openbibilo hosting creates the web based library system and allows the organization to handle the staff administration and pivotal information about the product activities on a regular basis and from anywhere globally. However, managing openbibilo hosting is a laborious process. We, as a hosting provider, caters immaculate hosting services for the global clients at incredibly affordable prices. We offer different hosting plans that suit your business needs and within your budget. Our adept staff has profound technical knowledge in handling all kinds of issues in the hosting and ensures uninterrupted business operations. We make the installation and running of the site easy with openbibilo. We provide the best PHP and MySQL server versionsto operate openbibilo.

Here are a few outstanding features that are provided by our fully managed openbibilo hosting services

Free openbibilo Installation and Updates

Organizations generally spend a lot of money in hiring the IT staff to maintain the servers. However, instead, they can hire hosting providers. We know that openbibilo installation should be kept up-to-date and keeping it updated is quite important for every organization. We update the latest security patches and MySQL version of your site on a regular basis and ensure high quality services to your customers. Our professionals will install the openbibilo safely, quickly and securely within a few minutes. Moreover, our hosting plans are available with bulletproof security. Our team ensures to update the latest versions swiftly for a free of cost.

Unlimited Resources and Enhanced cPanel

We provide unlimited resources as your website grows over time. The limitless bandwidth allows the website to gain potential readers for their sites from across the globe. The unlimited space provided helps you to store as many files as you want to run the website successfully besides giving full root access to the site. Moreover, the enhanced cPanel provides unlimited emails and domains, thus enabling you to add as many domains as you want besides opening the doors of expansion. The best part about taking our hosting plan is that you can even add limitless databases to run your site and application uninterruptedly.

Everything You Need

We are ready to provide you with everything you need to set-up a site and run smoothly. We customize the hosting plans as per your personal or business needs within your budget. Moreover, we are also ready to take the things that you have in your mind such as adding SSL certificates, performing automated backup of your data, dedicated IP and many more. We are open to tailor the hosting plans as you desire.

Openbibilo Optimized Servers and server management

Our professional and dedicated team manage the server for you. We provide 24/ monitoring of servers using a monitoring system to detect the problem and troubleshoot it in the early stage before it becomes severe. The MySQL and web servers managed by our team will boost your website performance and reliability besides ensuring the security of the site.

Managed Security and Backup Services

We strongly believe that data is a treasure trove for every organization. We perform the backup on a regular basis to keep your files, email accounts and databases safe and secure and retrieve them in case of date loss or hardware failure. We store the backup data on remote storage units with the help of SAN technology. Moreover, we take all the appropriate security measures to protect the web servers from XSS (Cross scripting attacks) and other web vulnerabilities. We conduct weekly or daily scan and install anti-spam software to keep the spam issues at the bay and without charging any additional cost.

Expert Openbibilo support

Our technical support team provides top-notch customer services for 24/7hrs. Customers can contact us either via chat or through email. We try to resolve all your issues at a faster pace and without interrupting your regular business operations. You can raise the ticket about your issue and we will strive to provide you the best resolution without giving any superficial answers. We provide continuous support that the customers deserve.


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