Fully Managed Free osCommerce Hosting - Ecommerce solution

Free osCommerce Hosting


    • Free osCommerce Installation and Migration
    • Unlimited Resources and Full Root Access
    • oSCommerce Features
    • osCommerce Optimized Environment
    • Free Security and Backup Management
    • Free 24/7 Support and Consulting

Product Description

Fully Managed osCommerce Hosting

osCommerce is a hosting service that provides online store management for e-businesses.We help you set up an online store starts at 0$ per month. Get the best online store experience at an affordable price through our experienced staff who help you get more out of osCommerce.We have integrated the PHP and MySQL to work smoothly with our system guaranteeing you the best service.

Free osCommerce Installation and Migration

We provide a professional and secure installation in less than 10 minutes.Use a one click install where you follow the steps provided and your account is set. We update your account to the latest version whenever they are released.Choose the templates that you wish to create your site and we help you install them.Custom migration is provided from direct admin to cPanel and from a server with no control panel to a server with a control panel among many other migrations.

Unlimited Resources and Full Root Access with osCommerce Hosting

We offer huge data storage feature.Our domains come coupled with the MySQL databases with huge space and optimized to store and transfer large amounts of data.We have some memory allowance that ensures faster bandwidth speeds and up-time of 99.99% to provide faster transfer rates.Full root access is provided to carry out some adjustments and a root access notification system that alerts you on issues concerning your site putting you in full control.

oSCommerce Features – Ecommerce Solution

osCommerce provides you with the best online store e-business solutions through our online shopping cart function.We help you create and maintain an online store through less and at no cost.You are able to manage your stock,your payments,your buying and selling plus a shipping feature through our web hosting service.We provide you with expert assistance and also an easy to use user interface.

Ecommerce Hosting – osCommerce Optimized Environment

We provide a high speed connection and a powerful and reliable network.Your account is placed on a server that meets all osCommerce system requirements to avoid delays.Our advanced web server software gives you a higher performance whenever you are operating on the internet because of our powerful dedicate servers.

Free Security and Backup Management

Data security is key here a osCommerce.Our system has a free daily backup to ensure that you can retrieve your data when you lose it.Our unique account isolation prevents your site from cross-site scripting(XSS) and online hacks.Our services only permit verified staff and customers so there is no external access by malicious persons.Firewall protection is also applied to make the site anti scam through weekly scans.

Free 24/7 Support and Consulting – osCommerce Hosting

Our friendly and experienced team operates round the clock to help you solve MySQL,PHP and hosting issues and give you a premium fully managed support.Contact us through the phone number provided on our website.We also have a live chat and email service from where you can present your issues .We have also created some tutorials to guide you through the parts that may seem difficult when using osCommerce.


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