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Free PhpBB Hosting


    • Free phpBB Installation and Updates
    • Unlimited Resources
    • Free SEO Optimization
    • PhpBB Optimized Servers
    • Free Security and Backup Management
    • Free 24/7 Expert Support

Product Description

Fully Managed PhpBB Hosting

Our company provides the best fully managed phpBB hosting providing the best service quality and superb customer support at the best price on the internet. PhpBB is a popular server-side software application that provides multiple webhosting solutions for keeping in touch with groups of people visiting your website. The managed phpBB webhosting solutions are relevant for webmasters seeking to build powerful online forums with professional user interface designs and a wide range of customization options and support for multiple languages and databases. The Free phpBB hosting service by our company will give you the best optimization of your forum app and server to ensure faster load times and high availability for your forum instance.

Free phpBB Installation and Updates

The phpBB webhosting service at our company provides you with easy 1-click installation and updates for phpBB forum applications. With our free phpBB hosting service, you will get a customizable server configuration providing a wide choice of templates and modules for designing your websites forum pages. Our phpBB webhosting package comes with the latest versions of basic server-side scripts including SSH, Ruby on Rails, Perl and MySQL.

Unlimited Resources – phpBB Hosting

With our phpBB forum hosting service, you get unlimited server resources including unlimited disk storage space and unlimited transfer bandwidth to ensure that your website can easily support a large number of concurrent users. The forum hosting service will provide you with unlimited posts and messaging for facilitating easy connectivity amongst your websites’ forum members.

FreephpBB SEO Optimization

As part of the standard service packaging, our hosting service product comes with search engine optimization services to assist your strategy for building a high SE ranking for your website and forum pages. Our trained team of experts will provide a thorough SEO that will aim to progressively increase your SE ranking on Google, Bing and other major search engines. The service also comes with free advertising credits on Google and Yahoo to fast-track your strategy for attracting more members to your website’s forum.

PhpBB Optimized Servers – Forum Hosting

Expert webmasters understand the need to have your phpBB forum boards optimized for performance in terms of loading speeds and resource consumption. Server optimization for phpBB website pages is performed mostly on database storage and configuration, browser and memory caching, and server-side file systems. Our VPS and dedicated server services are optimized to work perfectly with phpBB forum applications and ensure your website maintains a high loading speed even as the number of members in your online community rises.

Free Security and Backup Management

The phpBB webhosting package will guarantee you impenetrable server security that gives you peace of mind to concentrate on building your forum community. Our free phpBB hosting is managed under a secure server, application and deployment environment with anti-spam firewall and XSS integration. Our security team conducts weekly scan and weekly backups as part of the managed hosting service for your phpBB website forum.

Free 24/7 Expert Support – phpBB Hosting

If you have little prior experience or limited time for managing your servers, then our phpBB webhosting service will come in handy for effectively running your website’s forum application. Our service comes with free 24/7 expert support and proactive monitoring that will assist you in addressing any issues you may encounter with your webhosting. Our team of experts will be available at all times via chat or phone to answer your query in the shortest response time.

The fully managed phpBB hosting service by our company has been put together to offer the best quality of service and server speed performance for your money’s worth. Our support team will be ready to offer technical guidance and consulting to ensure safety and quick recovery from disaster through every step. Subscribe to the phpBB hosting service and enjoy high performance forum app instances for your websites..


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