Fully Managed Free Piwik Hosting

Free Piwik Hosting


    • Free Piwik installation and Transfer
    • High Availability and privacy compliance
    • Free Piwik Developer Support
    • Free Infrastructure Monitoring
    • Free server Security and Automatic Backups
    • Free Technical and user support

Product Description

Fully Managed Piwik Hosting

Piwik is one of the most important and powerful web analytics tools known for its numerous features, stability and great supporting capabilities. It is the best free and open source hosting services appropriate for all corporate environment and viable alternative to google analytics. Our fully managed Piwik Hostings are dedicated to provide you a secure, reliable and cost effective analytics solution with complete control and ownership of your data and privacy. By choosing our Piwik hosting , you can rely on the active Piwik community, forums and online chat-rooms where our experts can assist you for things like SEO, Campaign and so on with deeper knowledge and complete solution.

Free Piwik installation and Transfer – Web Analytics

We provide free 1-click installation setup to Enjoy the power of fully featured analytic platform on your infrastructure with unlimited websites, templates and any number of users which will help you to analyse,integrate and transfer data from different areas using Piwik platforms.

High Availability and privacy compliance with Piwik Hosting

With our scalable and highly redundant infrastructure setup, we will always help you scale piwik for high traffic websites and your data tracking service will always be available. Our strong privacy policy is complied with Local and global law regulators which ensures that user’s privacy is protected.

Free Piwik Developer Support

Our dedicated developer support team will offer you full service for all configuration and setup issues like PHP MYSQL issue, error messages, downtime issue, site not loading etc.

Free Infrastructure Monitoring

Your Piwik platforms will be monitored 24/7 by our monitoring team to ensure the smooth run without any interruptions. We will detect and rectify all potential errors and issue to keep your service unaffected.

Free server Security and Automatic Backups

We implement high security standards and enterprise best practices to ensure your data is protected. We also replicate your critical analytics data into multiple database servers and make daily and weekly backups to ensure complete safety of data for business continuity.

Free Technical and user support – Piwik Hosting

Our highly committed support staff provides ongoing support, tips and advice to solve any issues you may face with fast, clear, focused and competent responses.


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