Fully Managed Virtuemart Hosting

Free Virtuemart Hosting


    • Free Virtuemart installation and updates
    • 100 Virtuemart Hosting Features
    • Programming and Database Support
    • Optimized Virtuemart servers and management
    • Free Security services and Automatic Backups
    • 24/7 Expert Support

Product Description

Fully Managed Virtuemart Hosting

We aim to provide the best value for your investment. Our products are designed to achieve your hosting goals at a cheap cost and one which is pocket friendly as well. Having picked Virtuemart, your have shown your preference for quality products with a plugin that works anywhere that Joomla works. Virtuemart has been adopted by over 260,000 online retailers and our goal is to offer the best hosting service for it, whilst being omnipresent to deal with any technical hiccups.

Free Virtuemart installation and updates

For starters, we provide a simplified interface with a consistent 1 click installation process. Dealing with templates has never been so easy. Sometimes its tedious task of installing modules and updating them to their current latest release is almost completely handled for you. And all this is done for free.

100 Virtuemart Hosting Features

Our services come with a flurry of hosting features which we can swear by. An abundance of disc space, flexible and adequate band width, reliable documentation and support features. In addition we have very competitive availability and uptime percentages, combined with advanced caching for a seamless Virtuemart functionality. All bundled into a relatively cheap bundle for your requirements.

Programming and Database Support

Our wealth of experience will enable us to deal with any problems that may occur during your hosting tenure, be it errors in your PHP code, issues with MySQL, annoying error messages or even issues with site loading, just be sure that we will be able to handle them. All in line with being the best in the business.

Optimized Virtuemart servers and management

We build on Virtuemart’s multi-functionality by streamlining its working and providing a dedicated server to maintain a constant state of high performance. In addition to this the system will be under constant monitoring, both form our highly skilled personnel and the automated measures we have in place.

Free Security services and Automatic Backups

Further still we we have strong security measures put in place, so you may rest easy knowing that there will be weekly scans in case of any breaches, efficient anti spam features have been added, specific measures against XSS attacks and weekly backups just in case. You can never be to sure, especially with shopping sites.

24/7 Expert Support

And finally, in case of any hosting issues, we are working round the clock to be available to you for any inquiry or complaint.The aim is to solve specific problems, removing the hustle of you having to train yourself in hosting technicalities or other customization needs. Our open lines include (but are not limited to), an onsite chat feature and phone line.


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