Fully Managed vTiger Hositng

Free vTiger Hosting


    • Free vTiger Installation and Updates
    • Customization and Integration
    • vTiger CRM Data Migration
    • vTiger Optimized Services
    • Free Security and Backup Management
    • Free 24/7 Support and Consulting

Product Description

Fully Managed Free vTiger Hosting

vTiger is a Customer Relationship System that helps you organize your business at a cheaper cost.We offer you more for less because of our cheap prices depending on the size and data of your business.We also offer you a free domain that will guarantee you the best title that you would prefer in a bid boost your marketing plan along with the below vTiger Hosting Services.

Free vTiger Installation and Updates – vTiger Hosting

We provide a one click install where the installation is done in less than ten minutes by our experts for free and where you will get free updates to the latest versions in this case v6.1. At vTiger we give you the freedom to choose the templates that you prefer from our wide variety.

Customization and Integration With vTiger Hosting

Our vTiger Hosting service assists you to customize your CRM to work specifically for your business. We have a team of experts that find the correct customization for you that will fit your business because here we understand both hosting and business. vTiger is non-biased since we provide all the customers with the right customization for integration to integrate in their business regardless of size and data.

vTiger CRM Data Migration

If you are currently using another CRM provider their is no need to worry since at vTiger we have a data migration system that transfers data from the other providers.Contacts and invoices can be extracted from data sources like Ms Access to vTiger easily with help from our team of experts.We also have understanding of the other providers so migration here is done professionally and with experience.

vTiger Optimized Services – CRM Hosting

Our top notch vTiger CRM system provides you with faster optimized services through the use of faster dedicated servers that use latest technologies like PHP and MySQL to boost speed and CRM performance. These new technologies make CRM system easy to use and make your business data easy to handle which will go a long way in increasing your sales.

Free Security and Backup Management

Backups are essential in reducing risk of losing your business data. With our vTiger hosting, we help you provide security for your data by enabling you to schedule weekly backups and weekly scans to ensure your data is continuously safe from malware and physical damage.Our multiple levels of security ensures your CRM is anti-spam and uses both on-site and off-site backups to make it free from internal,external and Cross-site scripting(XSS) by carrying out a weekly scan and stores data in multiple places to ensure that if one is damaged the others are still intact.

vTiger CRM – Free 24/7 Support and Consulting

Feel free to present your vTiger Hosting issues and implementation report issues through our 24/7 customer care.You can choose to chat with us via G-mail,Skype or through our website.You can also reach us through phone by calling us directly through our contact available on our site.We also have social media platforms that is Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and where we can interact and where you can present your comments and issues and be guaranteed a response in 2-4 hours.


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