Free Dedicated Windows SQL 2008 Server Hosting

Free Dedicated Windows SQL 2008 Database Server


    • Enhanced Auditing
    • Automatic Daily/Weekly Backups
    • High configuration servers
    • Bulletproof security
    • Unlimited resources
    • Top-notch in-house customer support

Product Description

Fully Managed Dedicated Windows SQL 2008 Database Server

Get Managed Dedicated Windows SQL 2008 Database Server hosting solution to enhance your server performance at an economical price

Managed Dedicated Windows SQL 2008 Database Server allows the organization to deploy and manage the data driven applications easily and swiftly. However, to manage the Windows SQL 2008 database server, you need a top-notch and a legitimate hosting provider. We, as a hosting provider gives you an easy to access database platform for deploying the necessary applications. We have different hosting plans as per your business needs at unbeatable prices. Organizations can carry out the database operations safely and with confidence. Moreover, our dedicated and experienced technical team tries to resolve all the issues that arise with the server at a faster pace without causing any interruption to your business operations. Our hosting plans elevates the developer efficiency and gives a solid performance.

Here are a few powerful features offered by Managed Dedicated Windows SQL 2008 Database Server hosting providers

Enhanced Auditing

We enable the organizations to define the audit specifications as their business requirements to write custom events to the audit logs. The filtering features loaded in the plans leaves you with an option of choosing the event that has to be added to the logs. Moreover, we even upgrade the SQL server to the latest versions for free of cost. The data auditing feature allows the organizations to monitor the events in the server and database on a regular basis. The best part of auditing is that, you can detect the vulnerabilities in the server at the initial stage and find the best resolution before it actually leads to disastrous consequences.

Automatic Daily/Weekly Backups

We know that data is the treasure trove for every organization, no matter what the industry is. So, we perform backup on a daily or weekly basis to backup all your important files and databases and retrieve the files in case of any data loss. Backup retains your valuable information without causing any monetary loss and ruin of reputation. We backup the data to the remote tape drive and ensure that your data is safe and secure. You can check your data backup at any point of time from any place across the globe.

High configuration servers

Our configuration servers are operated on Microsoft Hyper-V. This is a cutting-edge hypervisor based technology that provides advanced hardware virtualization by isolating your machine from other virtual machines that are on the physical server. Users need not require to worry about their services being interrupted because of other services that are running on the same server with this advanced virtualization technology.

Bulletproof security

We provide high security to all the server by installing anti-malware tools and take other unimpeachable physical security measures. The tools deployed in the server detect the malware and other vulnerabilities in the server before they actually escalate the privileges and gain unauthorized control over your server. We use data loss prevention software to secure and retain the data in case of any disaster. We leave a peace of mind for the organization by protecting their valuable data using bulletproof security.

Unlimited resources

We provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth, emails and databases. With the growth of the business, people need to extend their resources to meet the demands of the customers. We provide ample disk space to store the files without dearth for storage space and the bandwidth helps the businesses gain customers from across the globe. We provide the resources as per the hosting plans availed by you.

Top-notch in-house customer support

We have dedicated and certified staff to provide you with the value added services at any point of time either through mail or via live chat. We strive to find the best resolution for your server issues without interrupting your regular work. We ensure to give continuous support for 24/7hrs. We use monitoring system to monitor all the server and detect the faults and defend them before they become worse. We believe that customer retentions come from quality support. We strive to help our customers with any of their server issues or hardware faultswithin a less time frame.


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